Good Life

by A-Roy

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Lead single off of "The Unseen Man"


I keep my mind in the sublime
I'm staring at the sunshine
Make most of y'all blind, I see into it fine
'Cause the light without the lime illuminates
A good vibe is what I'm trying to elucidate
So I don't choose to hate
Shit, my mood is great
Got a dollar in my pocket and food on my plate
Stopped at the station had enough to put fuel in my tank
I even heard another person banging my tape
She was finer the crushed grapes after the fermentation
Couldn't even trip when she switched to the radio station
Gave her a nod and a smile as she passed by
A wink was her reply, green shadow over her eye
Now I'm dipping through the city with a couple extra pennies
Attitude's a little Diddy bumping "All About the Benjis"
Even police is acting friendly when I ride through
Even on them good days, man, God'll surprise you

I just focus on the good life (you know how I do)
Focus on the good life (me and my crew)
We just focus on the good life (you know how I play it)
Focused on the good life (it's so amazing)
Focused on the good life (you know how I do it)
Focus on the good life (you know how we do)
Focus on the good life (you know how we do)
I just focus on the good life

Now you can tell by my everyday fits, I ain't rich materially
And I don't plan to be, seriously
Some of y'all be going broke for appearances
Some of y'all got plenty dough but suffer spiritually
Nobody's perfect and the perfect balance such a challenge
Maybe if I had a little more I could get it mastered
But I don't want an easy life, just some equity
Some good memories for my fam before I rest in peace
Like summer breezes, pools and barbeques
Chilling with my peeps and hanging at the stu'
Hitting the city on the weekend to a bar or show
Nights with the wife when we watch the stars and smoke
Long conversations about how we are thankful
That through the ups and the downs love was the anchor
And how we cherish our parents for being so faithful
And pray our own kids lives are even more stable

Living for the satisfaction of the masses
Rather than the people close enough to where it matters is really saddening
You wanna make a big difference, want to change the world
But you can't even be committed to your favorite girl
And ladies flaking on their husbands don't support them
I respect people about that family life who don't avoid it
I feel the trend today is teaching either/or
Either chase your dreams, or accept that you'll be poor and on lockdown
But I do what I want
I'm making music 'cause I love it doing it how I want
And my life is full of substance, I got nothing to prove
I do this 'cause I choose to do what God told me to do
Something I learned, when you love you don't get burned out
It's pretty natural to have a few concerns and doubts
So when you get a little tired don't sacrifice your best
Just focus on the good life and go and get your rest


released May 24, 2013
Written by A-Roy for Royality Raps (ASCAP)
Produced by Eye Jay for Midi McFly (ASCAP)



all rights reserved


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